AVAware Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®

AVAware introduces a new tool that will revolutionize the way manufacturers, specification writers, and distributors share information with architects

In recent years, AVAware has received a growing number of inquiries from distributors wanting to streamline the way information is exchanged with the architects they work with. Project revisions and changes to specifications are regular occurrences in commercial architecture - often daily ones in the case of larger and more complex jobs.

The ability to seamlessly exchange data directly between AVAproject and software platforms used by the architects would have a number of important benefits: distributors would have accurate data, free from any possibility of entry errors in the take-off process. Missing openings and erroneous counts would be eliminated, and distributors' openings schedules would always be in sync with those of the architects.

For the architects, the benefits are even greater. It would no longer be necessary to create and constantly update separate openings schedules to procure accurate estimates. They would no longer need to track changes to their design models and remember to communicate them to the distributors. Architects would have access to complete and concise information on each opening, the related hardware and all the products details available for each. Perhaps most importantly, they would now have access to an accurate "as delivered" schedule of all the openings and hardware provided for a job.

It was with these goals in mind, that AVAware set about to design the ultimate tool for connecting distributers of architectural openings and hardware with the architects. Given the most popular software platform used by architects throughout the world today is clearly Autodesk Revit, AVAware designed this new tool to reside alongside the Revit desktop.

The AVAware Plugin for Autodesk Revit is installed as an "Add-in" to the Revit software and is accessible directly from the desktop.

Door object "properties" within Revit, such as size and handing information, are extracted automatically from the architectural model along with any additional details the architect wishes to share.

It's important to note that at no time is the Revit model itself or its object properties modified in any way, nor is the model itself ever copied or shared. Only the information an architect wishes to send to the distributor is ever gathered.

The extracted data is contained in a single file that can be easily sent to distributor or estimator. Once received, the data harvested from the Revit model can be brought directly into an AVAproject Openings Schedule.

Fundamental openings information such as "openings numbers", "nominal widths & heights", "handing", etc., are mapped directly into the corresponding columns in the AVAproject schedule. Additional details are accessible as "external" columns and are shown with a different background color for the convenience of the estimators and detailers. (below)

Once the estimator has filled in the appropriate details, their additions can then be sent back to the architects using the same convenient single file. The architect would then have access to all the information relating to a given opening simply by clicking on that opening within Revit. Detailed listings of attached hardware, door and frame elevations and specifications taken directly from the AVAproject openings schedule are displayed in the AVAware Plugin's companion window. (below)

Even manufacturer provided catalog cuts can be displayed by clicking on a specific piece of hardware in the AVAware Plugin. The same distributor-selected catalog cuts that would normally appear in the Project Submittal can be conveniently displayed.

Once again, it's important to mention that the Revit model itself is never modified. The openings data displayed by the AVAware Plugin resides in its own data file and is completely external to the Revit model.

The AVAware Plugin for Autodesk Revit will revolutionize the way manufacturers, specification writers, distributors and architects are able to share accurate and up-to-date information on architectural projects.

For additional information on the AVAware Plugin for Autodesk Revit, visit the product page on AVAware website, or watch the product overview video on AVAware's YouTube channel.

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Their many years of industry experience provided insights and feedback that were invaluable to our development team. We are grateful for their assistance in creating a truly innovative, and much needed tool for the architectural openings industry.

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