Excerpt from the July 2021 AVAwire Newsletter


Fusion Reports:
Building on the AVAproject Material List

Powerful and versatile reporting tools in AVAproject Fusion can extend the capabilities of AVAproject to new levels.

The AVAproject Material List is a consolidation of all the data contained in a project file. Information from division 8 openings schedules are married with that of hardware groups, miscellaneous hardware and accessories lists. All this data is assembled to create a comprehensive listing of the products required for a given project and supplemented with additional information from manufacturer catalogs, such as preps and pricing. The end product is the AVAproject Material List.

The culmination of project data can be presented in a variety of formats. Project data can be grouped and sorted by such things as manufacturer, catalog, material, product type, or even by opening. Even the level of detail shown can be selected, and of course the layout is completely customizable from a vast column library.

Despite all this flexibility, users often find the need to customize the data presentation even further - to examine their data in different and innovate ways. It's for this reason that AVAware developed AVAproject Fusion.

Fusion provides a powerful set of tools designed to empower users to manipulate and arrange their project data in an endless variety of customizable formats. From columnar reports to complex pivot tables, the opportunities for detailed reporting and data analysis are endless.



Introducing Fusion Reports


Fusion reports are built upon an expanded version of the AVAproject Material List, referred as the "Combined Material List". This version of the material list combines all the columns of its AVAproject counterpart with all the source data that was used to create it. This allows the inclusion of any data column from the openings schedules, hardware groups, miscellaneous hardware and accessories list to be used in single "combined" report.

This article is intended to introduce AVAproject users to the wide range of reporting capabilities offered by AVAproject Fusion. Users can design and fully customize an unlimited number of reports and tables. Information can be laid out as required, filtered, sorted and arranged to suit specific needs. Once created, these report templates can be stored for use in other projects and even shared with other users.

The following are just a few examples of the types of reports that can be easily created using Fusion, but they're not even the tip of the proverbial iceberg - just an introduction to the possibilities.



Hardware Summary by Manufacturer


This report demonstrates a simple grouping of hardware products by manufacturer. Each is shown with its product description, extended description, a list of openings on which it appears and the relevant quantity and costing information.

Once again, the columns shown were selected for demonstration purposes only and can be fully customized for appearance and content from any of the column contained in the material list and hardware groups.



Door and Frame Prep Summary (by Manufacturer)


This summary demonstrates the degree of granularity to which data can be reported. Each and every hardware preparation required in the project are listed along with openings on which they appear and details such as handing and opening types.

Once again, this summary can be broken down by any virtually any data field: manufacturer, product line, schedule number, etc. This is illustrated in the following example, where the hardware preparations are broken down by manufacturer, then again by doors vs frames.



Project Summary by Product Line


The extensive reporting features of AVAproject Fusion are not limited to increasing detail (granularity) in reports. Nor are they limited to a single project.

The following example illustrates a report that summarizes a series of projects with door, frame and hardware quantities and costing broken out for each.

These are just a few examples of reports that can be created using AVAproject Fusion. A small taste to whet the appetites of experienced AVAproject users and demonstrate what is possible through the use of this powerful tool.

For additional information on AVAproject Fusion, please visit the AVAware website or contact customer service for assistance.

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