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Multi-Language Capability The most powerful suite of tools available for the door and hardware professional now provides support for multiple languages

AVAproject, the global choice for the architectural openings industry, enables detailing, estimating, the generation of submittal documents, shop drawings, machining sheets, elevations, frame details, priced materials lists and more. Manufacturer catalogs for hollow metal frames and doors, wood doors, and builders hardware (with cut sheets where applicable) can be electronically embedded into AVAproject. By accessing the electronic catalogs, AVAproject generates the proper nomenclature for all of the door, frame and hardware components and produces detailed Openings Schedules.

AVAcad, our unique vertical market CAD product and part of the AVAproject package, is a complete drawing program for the creation of custom sidelite elevations. Elevations created in AVAcad can be seamlessly integrated into AVAproject, allowing the most complex frame configurations to be scheduled, detailed and listed.

AVAproject can now operate in and convert entire projects between different languages at the click of a mouse.

By simply clicking on a menu item, the software instantly converts to the language you have chosen. Accordingly, all of the reports and submittal documentation generated by AVAproject are presented in the selected language.

The Project Binder on the left hand side of the screen provides access to different areas of AVAproject: "Project Information, Project Log, Preamble, Accessories & Misc., D8 Opening Schedule" etc. In addition, the main program components such as: "File, Edit, View, Tools" etc. can be found in the File Menu. Both the Project Binder and the File menu are translated with a language selection.

Language Menu Language Menu Item

Project Binder The Project Binder

The information entered in the "General" tab will be printed on the Title Page of your Submittal Document. Of course, all of the relevant information you chose to include in the presentation to the architect or general contractor will be presented in the selected language.

Having the software translate both the input screens and the output reports makes not only working with the software possible for non-English speaking estimators and businesses, but also provides new business opportunities in predominantly non-English areas.

Note the additional tabs for "Contacts" and "Billing & Shipping" information.

General Tab The "General" Tab

Openings Schedule Context Showing Columns

There are a number of different door components that can be added to your openings schedule. You may also add components such as: "Frames", "Hardware" and "Costing" including details specific to those headings. All column headers and component options are translated.

Customizing views is accomplished by selecting particular columns you wish to include or exclude and "Showing" or "Hiding" them, respectively. The "View Style" that is built as a result of customizing the view can be saved and used at any time. Note that "Door Preparation", "Frame Presentation", "Category" and "Sub-Category" nomenclature is generated automatically by the software - in the selected language.

The Product Description (and product nomenclature) is also built automatically by the software. The electronic hardware catalogs are referenced within the software including catalog cut sheets where applicable.

Additional languages will be added to the software in the near future.

For purchasing information, general inquiries or to arrange an online product demonstration, please contact us directly.

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