January 2012


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2012 Catalogs Online

AVAproject Fusion: Now Shipping!

AVAproject Fusion: New Products on the Heels of Its Release!

AVAcad Tip: Creating Elevations with Blazing Speed

AVAware Proudly Welcomes Chris Moore to the Team!

Catalog Updates

 U.S. Price Books:

  • Assa (Catalog Cuts)
  • Air Louvers
  • Bobrick
  • Burns
  • Cal-Royal
  • Corbin-Russwin
  • Marks
  • Norton
  • Rixson
  • Rockwood
  • Sargent
  • Steelcraft
  • Yale

 Canadian Price Books:

  • Adams Rite
  • Assa
  • Assa (Catalog Cuts)
  • Bobrick
  • Corbin-Russwin
  • effeff
  • Folger Adam
  • HES
  • Markar
  • McKinney
  • Norton
  • Rixson
  • Sargent
  • Securitron
  • Yale

2012 Catalogs Online

The New Year brings with it many new things: new hopes, new goals, new resolutions, and newly updated product catalogs. This year, AVAware’s catalog team really out did themselves by having over 20 brand new 2012 edition catalogs, for two countries, finished and online for download prior to beginning of the year!

AVAproject and AVAcad are truly impressive products. Even with their ever-expanding arsenal of tools and features, their value is largely enhanced by the equally impressive and ever-growing AVAware catalog library.

AVAware proudly offers the largest and most comprehensive collections of product catalogs available. We currently maintain over 140 catalogs, featuring products ranging from hardware to doors and frames, to division 10.

What makes this library unique is not simply its size, but the level of detail and features carried within the

catalogs themselves. Supplementary product data enables several powerful features within the AVAproject application, including:


  • Automatic handing (reversible where applicable) based on opening assignments
  • Automatic sorting of hardware groups by DHI categories & sub-categories
  • Automatic preparations for hardware on doors and frames
  • Automatic selection of catalog cuts corresponding to specific products
  • Automatic application of pricing “adds” without any user intervention


The upcoming 2012 edition of AVAproject will offer even more unique and exciting new features that will be driven by additional data components added to the product catalogs. AVAware users can look forward to these as well as several new additions to the catalog library in the next few months.

Attention Canadian Customers

AVAware currently offers our Canadian customers nearly 60 separate Canadian product catalogs, making it the most comprehensive and widely used library available. Our catalogs have been used by Assa Abloy DSS Canada for many years to provide a common platform for their specification writers to create and distribute hardware specs. to their customers across the country.

This is made possible thanks to the growing number of distributors across the country who have chosen AVAproject as their detailing and estimating solution. AVAware would like to thank all of our loyal Canadian customers for their continuing support of our products.

AVAproject Fusion: Now Shipping!

Regular readers of AVAwire having been following the development of AVAproject Fusion throughout its “beta” cycle last year. The product has been released and has been in the hands of users since the fall. Our development team has working very closely with these early adopters, listening to their feedback and planning their future projects.

AVAproject Fusion has been in the hands of customers for several months now, and we couldn’t be more excited

about their feedback. Fusion was originally intended to extend the scope and features of the industry leading

AVAproject package to the next level. It certainly has done that, and so much more in several key areas:

Offers a powerful data harvesting tool that allows users to create complex SQL queries using a “natural language” interface.

Features a sophisticated report designer that allows lay people to complete the task normally left to I.T. professionals.

Includes a unique and innovative pivot table facility that allows for complex data mining operations.

Allows multiple projects to be combined, managed and reported on – all while being hosted in a single Fusion file.

With the help of our early adopters, we’ve developed an extensive library of sample report templates that is being bundled with the product. It contains a variety of filters, layouts and tables that can become the foundation for a virtually unlimited number of variations. In fact, this

“starter pack” is being so well received, that we envision creating more and more of them over time. Eventually we plan to offer a collection of libraries such as this one that focus on different project types and business processes. We even envision a website in the future where users can share reports

and tables they’ve designed with other Fusion users.

Currently, our team is working on the first draft of the “Getting Started” manual for Fusion and the accompanying online help. We expect to have that available for Fusion users within the next few weeks.

AVAware is pleased to extend an open invitation to all current AVAproject users who are interested in exploring the many powerful features of Fusion and would like to get their hands on it, to contact technical support or their sales representative to arrange a presentation.

AVAproject Fusion: New Products on the Heels of Its Release!

As impressive as Fusion’s feature list is, this is only the beginning. In last October’s AVAwire, we talked about Fusion becoming a “platform” for future AVAware software products. Our developers spent a great deal of time in crafting the software in such a way as to allow companion products to be “connected” to it.

During the entire Fusion development process, we talked about many of the innovative products we planned for the future. The good news is that the future is much closer than we ever thought it would be.



Fusion Accounting Interfaces


Nearly every AVAproject user, at one time or another, has expressed an interest in moving data from their project files into their accounting/ERP system. AVAproject accommodates these requests by means of several industry standard export formats that are built into the package. Data is provided in several convenient formats ranging from simple text to MDB and XML; using these facilities, system integrators can easily pass data into whatever “back-end” system the customer has selected.

One of AVAware’s central design positions is that no single accounting system can possibly service every customer. (Please refer to the article, “Software In An Integrated World”, available in the Downloads section of the AVAware website). The very notion of a “one-size-fits-all” accounting package is utterly ridiculous; although promoting one is certainly convenient for the vendor, it’s absolutely not serving the best interests of the clients.

AVAware is pleased to announce a series of companion products for Fusion users designed facilitate the movement of project data directly into popular accounting applications. Dubbed the “Fusion Accounting Series”, we are offering powerful export tools, each one designed to accommodate a specific accounting application.

There are many AVAproject users that have currently integrated AVAproject with their ERP packages. There are however, many more that do not have I.T. people on staff or do not require ERP systems complex enough to necessitate an integration export. This large group of users is left to their own devices to get their accounting system integrated with “front-end” business tools such as AVAproject. It’s for this group that we’ve chosen to design our first offerings.

We’re launching the series with modules for Intuit’s QuickBooks and Sage’s Peachtree. Based on our customer surveys, they are amongst the most widely used accounting products amongst distributors that do not have I.T. personnel or software integrators available to them.

AVAcad Tip: Creating Elevations with Blazing Speed

AVAcad is an industry-specific CAD tool designed to allow hollow metal elevations to be created with a level of speed and ease never seen before. As with all powerful drawing tools, a solid technique is critical to maximizing efficiency. With all of AVAcad’s specialized tools at one’s disposal, there are several approaches to be taken when creating frame elevations.

As an example, the following elevation can be created from scratch in well under 1 minute with a few simple techniques.

The mistake people usually make is attempting to draw each stick, one at a time, sized perfectly. Although this will certainly get the job done, it’s far from efficient. Drawing and sizing each stick requires constantly switching from the ‘stick’ tool to the ‘dimension’ tool and back again.

There are four basic steps to creating any elevation. The critical thing to remember is that AVAcad does a lot of the thinking for you. Unlike traditional CAD and drawing applications, the ‘stick’ tool intelligently draws and connects hollow metal components without any intervention on the part of the user. Simply allow the software to do its job.



STEP 1 – Create the Basic Shape


Using the ‘3-sided’ and the ‘stick’ tools, simply rough out the overall shape of the elevation – giving no thought to the lengths of the sticks at this point!

When drawing the heading stick, there is no need to create 3 separate components. Simply begin with the node on the right and drag the stick right across the two jambs until the topmost left node glows green to indicate alignment.

When the mouse button is released, AVAcad will create the stick and intersection joints automatically. Continue this process until all the pieces are in place.



STEP 2 – Verify the corners and notching


In this example, the intersections are created with the vertical pieces notched. If this is not the desired configuration, simply select the ‘node edit’ tool, click on the desired node and choice of all available notching options for that particular joint will be offered.



STEP 3 – Insert Dimensions & Size the Frame

At this point, it’s time to insert the dimensions. Select the ‘linear dimension’ tools and drop them all into place at once. This is far quicker than if they had been inserted as the elevation was being drawn. Also, changes in corner conditions will affect the position of dimension nodes. It makes far more sense to do them all once the frame drawing complete than having to move them around if the frame is modified.

The fastest way to size the frame is to click on each dimension in turn and simply enter the desired size on the toolbar at the bottom of the editing pane.

NOTE: When dimensions are changed by typing in a value AVAcad makes the change to the selected components while maintaining the connections and continuity of the entire frame. In order to do so, AVAcad must decide which node (and components) to “move” to accommodate the change in size.

For consistency, the rightmost or bottommost node is repositioned, along with all components connected to it. When dimensioning the entire frame, being with top-left most dimension and work through them moving to the right and downwards.



STEP 4 – Insert the Doors & Glass


Using the ‘door’ and ‘glass’ tools, simply “drop” these final components in place. AVAcad will automatically determine what modifications need to be made to the sticks surrounding these components. For example, stops will be added to form jambs and mullions as is required. No action is required on the part of the user as even the corner connections will be updated automatically to reflect the newly added stops. In a few clicks, the elevation will look just like the first illustration.

NOTE: The same resizing technique can be used to adapt previously drawn elevations for a new project without having to begin with a blank page.

AVAware Proudly Welcomes Chris Moore to the Team!

It is with great pride that we welcome a true industry leader and visionary to our team.

Chris Moore is an individual who truly has done it all. His career in the architectural openings industry began with fourteen years serving in a variety of capacities at Ingersoll-Rand and eventually led to his position as Vice-President of Sales for Assa Abloy DSS Canada where he was instrumental in creating their nation-wide network of agents and sales agencies.

Chris brings an unmatched level of industry and product experience to our business development team. His unique perspective on the architectural openings industry will be invaluable in our design and development efforts. With his help we look forward to taking our product offerings to an exciting new level.

We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions about any topic mentioned in this edition of AVAwire. Please visit our website for more information, or contact us directly at (416) 239-9099.