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AVAware Launches Video Production


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AVAproject 2019 - Just Weeks Away!

Stephen Caton Celebrates 10 Years with AVAware!

AVAproject Tip: Bypass, Bifold, and Communicating Doors

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AVAware Launches Video Production

AVAware is proud to announce the formation of our in-house video production team

As part of our ongoing effort to develop the most effective demonstration and training resources possible, AVAware has recently established a new content group within the company. This talented team consisting of writers, graphic designers, animators and editors will be responsible for the creation of a variety of new learning resources.

In addition to newly updated documentation and online resources, AVAware has begun using video as a means to demonstrate new products and product features. If a picture is truly worth a "thousand words", then a video should improve on that by an order of magnitude.

To be clear, these will not be the typical software developers training fare, which normally consisting of a monotonous screen capture and a stammering voice over. As always, the goal is to elevate our products to the highest possible level of quality and professionalism. To that end we have committed to delivering videos with the same level of production quality and attention to detail that we give to our software products.

AVAware is launching this initiative with short videos that supplement the popular "Quick Tips" featured in our newsletter - beginning with this month.



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In addition to the embedded links found on the AVAware website and with our newsletters, all our videos can be directly accessed through our YouTube channel. In addition, users will have the opportunity to preview videos prior to their official release.

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AVAproject 2019 - Just Weeks Away!

The much-anticipated first release of AVAproject 2019 is scheduled for February

The first feature-packed release of AVAproject for 2019 is only weeks away from general release. Many months of product development has gone into the creation of several major new additions to the product. With a focus in connectivity and interoperability, this AVAproject release offers a feature list containing many powerful new product enhancements as well as a variety of customer-requested additions.

The following is only a partial list of new features offered in the 2019 update:

  •   Shared Resources such D8 & D10 catalogs that can be maintained and automatically distributed
    throughout your organization using AVAware's cloud-based deployment system.
  •   Support for virtual server based installations such as RDS and VMware.
  •   AVAware Desktop - Access catalog information and pricing from that system tray.
  •   Integration with AVAware Revit Plugin, facilitating direct data exchange with architects.
  •   Catalog cuts will now be featured for select Door and Frame catalogs.
  •   Additional templates and features for rendering special frame profiles.

... and the list goes on and on!

The final list of revisions will be made available when the new version is released... 'Release Notes' will be published on the 'Product Updates' page of the AVAware website, as well as within the online help of the software itself. AVAproject users will be automatically notified when the new version is available for download through the 'AVAwire Flash' service.

Stephen Caton Celebrates 10 Years with AVAware!

There is no greater source of pride for AVAware, than to celebrate the work anniversary of a valued team member.

Stephen Caton heads up AVAware's technical support team, acting as primary contact and liaison to our esteemed user community. He has developed relationships with countless users who have come to rely upon his easy demeanor and earnest willingness to assist.

Stephen joined the AVAware family in September of 2008. Having worked for leading innovators such as IBM and Logitech, he had already accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that he eagerly applied to developing an exceptional support group.

Stephen is an invaluable and respected member of our team, demonstrating his ability as both a communicator and an educator. We've come to rely on him as profoundly as the many AVAware clients that have come to know and depend on him over the past ten years.

It has been my privilege to watch an exceptional young man grow and mature into the extraordinary individual that we all have the pleasure of working with each and every day. Stephen, and exceptional people like him, have made it possible for AVAware to remain vibrant and growing for these many years.

Paul S. Kirsch, President & CEO


AVAproject Tip: Bypass, Bifold, and Communicating Doors

In addition to traditional opening types, AVAproject also supports specialized applications such as Bypass, Bifold, and Communicating doors. All three are easy to set up and make otherwise complicated door configurations a lot more straightforward.

The Handing Column in the AVAproject
Openings Schedule

Bypass Doors

Bypass doors are assigned in the Openings schedule, using the Handing Column, and by selecting the "Bypass" option. The "Bypass" option will only be available if the selected opening is a Paired Opening, with no left or right hand variations.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are assigned in the same way as Bypass doors, by selecting the option within the Handing column.

Communicating Doors

As with the other doors, if there is no elevation attached, communicating doors can be selected in the Handings column.

If an elevation is attached to any of these openings, then the elevation must be opened in AVAcad by selecting the elevation and clicking the AVAcad button in the toolbar. In AVAcad, select the door, then open the Handing drop-down from the bottom toolbar, and select your preferred handing.

The Handing Drop-Down in the AVAcad bottom toolbar

When any of these opening types have been selected, AVAproject automatically makes the necessary adjustments to the frame components.

Cased-open material is specified for bypass and bifold frames, and communicating doors receive double rabbet profiles accommodating thicknesses.

These changes are reflected on Material Lists, Shop Drawings, Submittal packages and other related reports.

AVAproject Tips will now feature accompanying overview and demonstration videos courtesy of AVAware's newly launched production team.

Click below to view the video for this month's Tip!

We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions about any topic mentioned in this edition of AVAwire. Please visit our website for more information, or contact us directly at (416) 239-9099.