March 2019


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AVAproject Fusion: Seamless Integration with any Accounting Package

AVAproject Fusion 2019 Has Arrived!

dormakaba Begins Re-Branding Catalogs from Dorma and Kaba-Ilco

Assa Abloy's 2019 Pioneer Hollow Metal Catalog is Now in General Release

AVAproject Tip: Copying Spreadsheets with the AVAproject Clipboard

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Catalog Updates

 U.S. Price Books:

  • Bradley
  • de La Fontaine
  • Dorma D.C.
  • Dorma E.D.
  • Dorma L.K.
  • dormakaba MECH LK
  • Emtek
  • National Guard
  • Pioneer
  • Reese
  • SOSS

 Canadian Price Books:

  • Canaropa
  • Dorma D.C.
  • Dorma E.D.
  • Dorma L.K.

AVAproject Fusion:
Seamless Integration with any Accounting Package

No two businesses are the same. How can a single accounting application work for all of them?

AVAproject Fusion allows seamless integration between AVAproject and virtually any accounting/ERP solution.

Selecting an accounting/ERP solution can be an arduous process. The wide assortment of product offerings extend as widely as do their costs, which can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. The real challenge is in finding the solution that best suits the needs of your specific business. Simply put, no two businesses are alike. It follows that no single accounting package is going to be ideal for everyone.

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AVAproject Fusion 2019 Has Arrived!

The newest edition of AVAproject Fusion for 2019 is now in general release

AVAproject Fusion has revolutionized business intelligence in the architectural industry since its introduction in 2011. It has enabled AVAware software users to combine, filter, sort, group and analyze project data, creating completely custom reports for any conceivable purpose.

The 2015 edition of AVAproject Fusion brought with it the Fusion Integration Kit, allowing the material data to be prepared into order documents and exported to any accounting / ERP system.

This latest update not only contains great new features and optimizations of existing functions, it also lays the groundwork for some big server-centric features being introduced later this year.

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dormakaba Begins Re-Branding Catalogs from Dorma and Kaba-Ilco

dormakaba has begun rebranding their various hardware product lines under their new name.

For the first time following the consolidation of such popular brands as Dorma and Kaba-Ilco under the dormakaba banner, price books have been released bearing the new name in place of the old. AVAware has begun transitioning existing catalogs to the new naming convention, as they are updated by the manufacturer. As such, there have been some interim changes to the Dorma catalog series in anticipation of the changeover.

Kaba-Ilco (U.S.)


Beginning with the Feb 18/19 release of this catalog, it is now referred to as "dormakaba Mechanical Locks", with the 'manufacturer' identified as "dormakaba".

Dorma (Canada & U.S.)


The recently released updates to the Canadian "Dorma Exit Devices", "Dorma Door Closers" and "Dorma Locks" catalogs have all had their internal 'manufacturer' designations updated to "dormakaba".

The catalog names themselves have not been changed; the full changeover was delayed to coincide with updates to their U.S. counterparts, expected in the coming months.

In the interim, the U.S. editions of the "Dorma Exit Devices", "Dorma Door Closers" and "Dorma Locks" catalogs have also had their internal 'manufacturer' designations updated to "dormakaba". These revised catalogs are available for download, although to actual update to the product information has yet been released for 2019.

For additional information on dormakaba catalogs and the name change transition, please contact AVAware Customer Service.

Assa Abloy's 2019 Pioneer Hollow Metal Catalog is Now in General Release

The first major update to the Pioneer Industries hollow metal catalog since their acquisition by Assa Abloy is now available for download.

Pioneer Industries of Carlstadt, New Jersey was acquired by Assa Abloy in May of 2018, joining their family of industry-leading brands. Pioneer has been a manufacturer of high quality, commercial steel doors and frames for over 85 years

A newly restructured Pioneer catalog has recently been released for 2019, and is now available for download by users of AVAproject.

AVAproject users interested in adding the Pioneer catalog to their subscription package, may do so by contacting AVAware Support.

For additional information on Pioneer Industries, please visit their website at:


AVAproject Tip:
Copying Spreadsheets with the AVAproject Clipboard

The ability to copy data between schedules and from outside data sources can save hours in the estimating process. AVAproject provides several powerful tools to make this even more efficient.

Copying data between spreadsheets using traditional applications such as Microsoft Excel can be easily handled through the use of Windows' internal "clipboard". The clipboard is an area of memory used as temporary storage to hold data that has been cut or copied so that it can be subsequently pasted to another location.

The process is straightforward enough: copy the source material, then position the cursor where you want the data to be, and paste. The difficultly arises when attempting to copy rows of data from one spreadsheet to another, when the column headings do not line up perfectly. Data is copied and pasted in the exact order it appears in the original (ie: the "source"). If the destination sheet has its columns arranged differently, the user is forced to manually rearrange the data to fit.

When data is copied from one Excel sheet and pasted to another Excel sheet with a dissimilar column layout/order, undesirable results are produced



Copying Within AVAproject


AVAproject is able to overcome this limitation by making use of its own internal "smart" clipboard that ensures data is pasted exactly where it needs to go regardless of the column layout.

When a series of rows are copied from a spreadsheet in AVAproject, a copy is made to the standard Windows clipboard; this is to provide support for pasting data to external applications such as Excel. An additional copy is also made to the AVAproject internal clipboard. This clipboard is "data aware", meaning it retains the unique identifier of each source column along with the copied data. In addition, it copies all the data contained in columns that are currently "hidden" from view. In other words, AVAproject copies all the data contained within a given row - not just those items that are currently visible.

When data is pasted into a different sheet, within the same or a different project, data is taken from the internal clipboard and rearranged to accommodate the layout of the destination sheet. Even "hidden" columns are populated, and can be shown afterwards.

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