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AVAproject Desktop: Access Catalogs Right from the Desktop

Create Custom Reports with AVAproject Fusion

Allegion Catalog Updates - May 2019

AVAproject Tip: Hardware Locations

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Catalog Updates

 U.S. Price Books:

  • Best
  • Cal-Royal
  • Camden
  • Hiawatha
  • Mesker
  • Pemko
  • Precision
  • Rockwood
  • Stanley
  • Stanley Commerical
  • Stanley D.C.
  • Stanley Sliding

 Canadian Price Books:

  • Baron
  • Camden
  • Fleming
  • Pemko
  • Rockwood
  • Schlage
  • Unique Architectural

AVAproject Desktop:
Access Catalogs Right from the Desktop

AVAproject Desktop puts access to the AVAware catalog library right on the Windows desktop.

AVAproject users have always appreciated the convenience of having the AVAware catalog library available to them within the software, as they create estimates and detail projects. The catalogs provide a wealth of information including product options, updated pricing, door and frame preparations, etc. Even manufacturers' catalog cuts and CAD-quality attachments can be called up instantly, and browsed right on screen.

Many users have expressed the desire to have access to this comprehensive product library outside of AVAproject as well; perhaps to access data for use with other applications such as accounting/ERP or counter sales.

A new companion product, the "AVAproject Desktop" places the convenience of the catalog right where users need it most - on the Windows desktop. When launched, the AVAproject Desktop positions itself unobtrusively in the Windows task bar until it's needed.

The AVAproject Desktop icon visible in the Windows Taskbar 'System Tray' area

A single click on the taskbar icon summons a menu that provides instant access to a variety of resources.

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AVAproject Fusion:
Create Custom Reports

The powerful data extraction and reporting tools offered by AVAproject Fusion extend the capabilities of AVAproject and offer a heightened level of business intelligence and insight

AVAproject provides the ability to create a myriad of valuable reports, focusing on every aspect of the project life cycle. From detailed architectural drawings, machining sheets, elevations, catalog cuts, etc. to the wealth of project management resources via the many material list configurations - AVAproject provides resources for every stage of the detailing and estimating process.

Despite the rich trove of reporting tools offered in AVAproject, there are also those who want something more. That extra bit of detail, data presented in just that specific format, or a report organized in just that particular way. It's for those companies and individuals that AVAproject Fusion was designed.

In addition to providing an integration platform to allow data to be exchanged with an endless variety of accounting/ERP systems, AVAproject Fusion is first and foremost a powerful data management tool - one that allows data to be extracted and organized for the purposes of reporting and analysis. In data processing circles, this is known as "Business Intelligence".

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Allegion Catalog Updates - May 2019

Allegion US has announced updates to the majority of their product catalogs effective May 4th, 2019.

These major updates will affect not only affect hardware, but their hollow metal lines as well. This includes Steelcraft and Republic Doors and Frames. Allegion, plc acquired Republic (McKenzie, TN) in the beginning of 2017 and this has been the first major catalog revision since that acquisition.

As always, the catalog development team at AVAware have been working diligently to ensure all the updated catalogs will be available for download for the effective date. In respect of the two hollow metal catalogs, AVAware is proud to announce some additional enhancements to their AVAproject counterparts.

Earlier this year, AVAware announced a powerful new capability for door and frame catalogs in AVAproject. It is now possible to supplement these catalogs with cut sheets from catalog and technical manuals. Relevant pages are selected automatically by the software based on the products utilized in a project. The selected pages are then added to the submittal package.

Both the Steelcraft and Republic May 2019 catalogs will install with companion files containing excerpts from their most recent technical manuals. Detailed information sheets based on product choices made for a given project (series, door types, profiles, etc.) will automatically be added to the submittal package in their own section.

The updated Steelcraft and Republic catalogs are available to AVAproject users that currently subscribe to them. In order to utilize the new technical document enhancements, users must be running the 2019 version of AVAproject.

In addition to the hollow metal catalogs, the following hardware catalogs will also be available:

  • Falcon
  • Glynn-Johnson
  • LCN
  • Schlage
  • Schlage Electronic Security
  • Von Duprin
  • Zero International

Note: the Ives catalog will not be updated, as it was already revised on Dec 1, 2018.


AVAproject Tip: Hardware Locations

The ability to accurately position architectural hardware on an opening allows for the creation of several valuable reports. AVAproject provides tools to easily accommodate standard or custom configurations.

When speaking in terms of architectural openings, "hardware locations" refer to the specific placement of individual items such as hinges, locksets and deadbolts. In practice, these locations are determined by the manufacturer of the hollow metal doors and frame that are to receive these products.

AVAproject comes preloaded with a complete library of hardware locations for the many popular hollow metal brands. This information is available for viewing right inside the software by clicking on the AVAproject bookshelf icon and selecting the book entitled 'Hardware Locations'.

The 'Hardware Locations' field in the 'Project Info' tab allows users to specify exactly which manufacturer's standard locations will be used throughout the given project. Users may select from any of the manufacturers listed in the AVAproject 'Hardware Locations' library.

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AVAproject Tips now feature accompanying overview and demonstration videos courtesy of AVAware's newly launched production team.

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