AVAproject Fusion:
Real-Time Integration with ERP Systems

AVAproject Fusion with its API-enabled connector modules provides seamless integration with many ERP/Accounting platforms. Fusion "popups" in AVAproject offer real-time information on sales and purchase orders generated for any part of the project.

System developers have traditionally favored an "all-in-one" approach to combining front-end business systems with back-end ERP/accounting solutions. This of course comes with some very obvious limitations. Most notably, users of that front-end system are limited to a single accounting package that has been preselected for them by the developer.

AVAware has always taken the position that no single accounting package could possibly be ideal for every company. It's for that reason AVAproject Fusion was developed, to enable AVAproject users to integrate with the accounting system of their choice.

Proponents of the "all-in-one" approach in system design, have maintained that theirs was the only way to achieve true end-to-end process integration. AVAproject fusion has proven that this is simply not the case.

Through the use of custom designed "connector" modules, AVAproject Fusion is able to take advantage of integration APIs ("Application Programming Interface") offered by the various accounting system developers. These APIs allow the seamless exchange of information between AVAproject and the accounting/ERP package. AVAproject Fusion is able to harvest the relevant project data originating from AVAproject, and manage it through the product sourcing and staging processes. Purchase and sales orders, initiated by Fusion, are automatically created in the accounting package.

The benefits of this type of "connected" approach to system integration go far beyond the elimination of clumsy exports often associated with this type of process. Establishing a real-time connection with the back-end accounting platform means that data can be exchanged in both directions. Just as data can be taken from AVAproject and moved into accounting, information on the resulting sales and purchase orders can be accessed by AVAproject. This type of two-way integration can be especially valuable during the execution phase of project management.

The AVAproject Fusion link icon in the AVAproject toolbar. On the left, the link is white (Fusion file found but connection not currently open). Once the icon is clicked, the connection is opened and the link turns to green (as shown on the right)

Once a project has been forwarded to the accounting system via AVAproject Fusion, a live link can be maintained with that data. A small icon in the AVAproject toolbar indicates that a Fusion connection is available for the given project - that can be made live with a single click.

Once active, the connection enables users to instantly access information about the status of sales and purchases orders generated for products appearing on any given line of the Openings Schedule. A single keystroke causes a dialog box (pictured below) to appear.

This Fusion "Popup" displays all the sales and purchase orders generated for both the doors and frame of the selected opening, as well as those generated for any of the associated hardware items. The user is able to see exactly which components of the opening (if any) have been ordered or billed - without ever have to access the accounting system directly.

Throughout the execution phase of a project, opening specifications and hardware selections are often given to changes. The ability to identify which items have or have not been already ordered is essential when processing change orders. The real-time connectivity AVAproject Fusion offers with the user's accounting platform of choice provides the features and flexibility of an integrated system with no of the traditional limitations.

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