February 2020


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Keeping Up with the Catalogs: The Challenges Created by the Increased Frequency of Revisions

'Lawrence Hardware' and 'Gallery Specialty Hardware' Now Offered as Manufacturer-Supported Catalogs

Software Proficiency Plays Key Role in Evolving Employment Trends

AVAware Academy: AVAware User Accounts

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Catalog Updates

 U.S. Price Books:

  • Air Louvers
  • Arrow
  • Best
  • Design Hardware
  • Falcon
  • Ives
  • LCN
  • National Guard
  • Pioneer
  • Republic
  • Schlage
  • Schlage E.S.
  • Von Duprin
  • Zero

 Canadian Price Books:

  • CBH
  • Falcon
  • Gallery
  • Glynn-Johnson
  • Ives
  • Lawrence Hardware
  • LCN
  • Schlage
  • Schlage E.S.
  • Von Duprin
  • Zero

Keeping Up with the Catalogs:
The Challenges Created by the Increased Frequency of Revisions

A competitive marketplace coupled with the ease of digital distribution has seen the frequency of product catalogs multiply in recent years, causing challenges for customers and manufacturers alike.

It's no secret the frequency with which architectural product catalogs, especially those from major manufacturer, has increased dramatically in the recent years. It was not so long ago that every major brand released a single annual catalog revision, normally at the same time each year. Assa Abloy began the year with catalog releases for the Yale group at the beginning of January, followed by the rest in successive months thereafter. Allegion (then Ingersoll-Rand) did the same, usually with a major brand catalog releasing each month. This pattern was typical of most hardware manufacturers. Occasionally there were small updates throughout the year, but those generally took the form of a few loose pages that customers could easily slide into their current editions. Those were the days.

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'Lawrence Hardware' & 'Gallery Specialty Hardware'
Now Offered as Manufacturer-Supported Catalogs

AVAware is pleased to welcome Canadian manufacturer Lawrence Hardware along with their associated company Gallery Specialty Hardware to our growing collection of manufacturer-supported catalogs.

Lawrence Hardware has a long and distinguished history in Canada. Founded in 1976 by John and Edwin Lawrence, the company produced a variety of products ranging from barbwire and farm equipment to the architectural hardware products they are known for today. Their product line now runs the full gambit from hinges and locksets to door closers and exit devices.

Gallery Specialty Hardware is Lawrence Hardware's younger sibling company. Founded in 1989, Gallery is a world-wide manufacturer and supplier of architectural hardware with offices across Canada and in the United States, as well as China and India.

With the valuable assistance of personnel from Lawrence and Gallery, AVAware has been able create a brand new AVAproject-compatible version of their catalog. All the products found in its printed counterpart are fully priced and are accompanied by their catalog cuts and hardware preparation information.

Both the Lawrence Hardware and the Gallery Specialty Hardware catalogs are now available to AVAproject users that are currently subscribed to Division-8 Hardware.

For additional information on Lawrence Hardware, please visit their website at:

For additional information on Gallery Specialty Hardware, please visit their website at:

Software Proficiency Plays Key Role in Evolving Employment Trends

As the evolution of technology continues to influence the traditional job roles in the architectural industry, software proficiency is becoming an essential job skill in today's competitive climate.

Finding experienced estimators and project managers is an ongoing challenge for most companies in the competitive architectural industry. Experienced specification writers and estimators have never found themselves wanting for opportunities, as increasing demands from architects and project managers have fueled the need for these individuals.

All this prosperity does however come at a cost. In many organizations the lines separating the traditional "estimator" from the "detailer" and "project manager" have begun to fade. Workplace roles have evolved from the narrow scopes of years past, to ones in which employees are expected to take part in greater aspects of a project. The job of an estimator, for example, doesn't end with reviewing plans, creating a take-off and estimating costs; in many organizations, the role of the estimator overlaps with that of the project manager. They are expected to oversee the entire project, through sourcing products, ensuring delivery and dealing with issues and changes. One could even argue that the "Estimator" job title is quickly approaching obsolescence - today, a title referring to a "pre-construction" work role may be more accurate.

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AVAware Academy:
AVAware User Accounts

AVAware user accounts are used by AVAware software products to identify and validate user credentials through a web-based management tool. By utilizing these accounts, system administrators can control the specific resources, features and software products that are available to each individual in their organization.

This month's AVAware Academy tutorial video will focus on the creation and maintenance of individual user accounts. These accounts are used to identify users of the various AVAware software products and manage the resources they have access to.



Web Portal & User Accounts


AVAware user accounts are created and maintained through the AVAware web portal, accessible via the AVAware website. The video begins with the initial login, using the master company login, and steps through the process of creating individual user accounts and establishing access levels for each of them.



User Account Validation


When a user account is first created, the email associated with it must be validated before the account can be used. This ensures that the assigned email address actually belongs to and as accessible by that user. The video details the process that users will experience of receiving validation emails and establishing their passwords for accessing their accounts.



Re-Setting Passwords


Should a user happen to forget their password, there are two ways in which it can be reset. For security purposes, there is no way to actually view a user's password - but it can reset, giving them the opportunity to select a new one. The video explains how the password can be reset either by the system Administrator or by the user themselves. In either case a "password reset" email is sent to the user allowing them to specify a new password.



User Account Maintenance


The User Account tutorial goes to explain the many additional maintenance features offered in the Web Portal. Each process from editing to disabling and deleting accounts - either individually or in groups is demonstrated in detail.



User Types


The tutorial brings viewers full-circle and returns to the topic of establishing user "Types" as first referenced in the beginning of the video.

System administrators are instructed on how to establish custom "User Types" in order to selectively restrict access to the various software features and resources. This will include an overview of pre-defined types as well as the process of creating new ones based on their permission sets.

AVAware Academy articles include accompanying training videos courtesy of the AVAware production team.

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