March-April 2022


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  • BEST
  • de La Fontaine
  • Design Hardware
  • dormakaba Architectural
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  • Adams Rite
  • BEST
  • dormakaba Architectural
  • Markar
  • Rutherford
  • Sargent
  • Securitron
  • Yale

New Features in AVAproject 2022

In March of this year, AVAware published the first AVAproject release of 2022. This extensive AVAproject update contains a variety of new features in addition to numerous enhancements to existing ones.

The following is an overview of some of the most requested new features now available in AVAproject 2022.

Hardware Group Editor - Assigned Openings


The Hardware Group editor offers a convenient facility to review and edit all the openings in a project that make use of a given hardware group. Existing openings can now be moved from one openings schedule to another, and new ones added directly from this screen.

Accessory and Miscellaneous Product Designations


Accessory and Miscellaneous items can now be assigned to specific product groups. A new 'Product Group' column in the 'Accessory and Miscellaneous' table allows individual items to be designated as something of an "accessory item" for the purposes of the material list. Products can be identified as belonging to any standard product group (ie: hardware, doors, frames, etc.), in which case they will be listed and grouped along with those products in the material list.

Enhanced Global Product Search


Global product searches can be performed by general product descriptions in addition to codes. When listing hardware or division 10 products in lists or groups, products can be searched by either all or a part of the product code in the corresponding column.

In the new version, the same functionality has been extended to the 'Description' column. Products can be searched by entering all or part of a product's general description. As always, the search can be limited to a specific catalog or made across the entire installed library.

New Frame Profiles


Brand new frame profiles can now be automatically rendered for 'hospital', 'kerf', 'thermal break' and other types of frames. New profile choices are now offered in the generic hollow metal catalog, representing these configurations. Manufacturers' profile options (offered in frame catalogs) that correspond to these new types are now automatically rendered using these new templates.

The 2022 edition of AVAproject (rev 22.1) is now available for download through the customer portal on the AVAware website.

AVAproject Fusion:
Unlocking the Openings Schedule

The AVAproject Openings Schedule is a powerful and convenient means to detail and estimate architectural openings. It is the centerpiece of the AVAproject detailing and estimating system and provides a means to describe all aspects of the openings, from frame and doors to the hardware products associated with them.

One of the most compelling features of the openings schedule is its dynamic column layout features. Users can configure the schedule based on their preferences, to facilitate easier data entry, to match source documents, or to provide documents formatted per the preferences of individual architects. Column layouts can be changed "on the fly" and commonly used formats can be saved and reused across multiple projects.

Despite all this flexibility, invariably users will want even more. Individual needs and business processes are as varied and diverse as the products themselves, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the need for specialized and customizable reporting. Enter AVAproject Fusion - a comprehensive reporting tool that can provide an endless variety of reports, all designed by the users themselves to their exacting specifications.

The AVAproject Fusion reports are generally classified in two separate types. There are the classic "columnar" reports that can be sorted, grouped and sub-grouped by virtually any data field. They can further be totaled and sub-totaled in exactly the same way, providing countless reporting options that build upon the data contained in an AVAproject project file.

The other are the "pivot tables". This powerful table generation tool allows users to tabulate totals for any components of data (material, label, gage, size, etc.) to be counted against any other. Need to count how many frames or doors of a specific gage are required per manufacturer? The pivot table is the answer.

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Nelson Avila Celebrates 20 Years with AVAware!

There is no greater source of pride for AVAware, than to celebrate the work anniversary of a valued team member.

It's with great pride that we acknowledge the twenty year career milestone of AVAware Vice President Nelson Avila, one of our longest serving and most valued team members.

Nelson joined the AVAware family in the latter part of 2001, having earned degrees in both financial accounting and digital media design, and having worked in a customer support capacity at

a major internet service provider. Having had experience in technical support as well as graphic design and general business processes, Nelson was the ideal choice to help shape our fledgling support and design teams.

In the years following the passing of company co-founder Steven Rendulic in 2005, Nelson was instrumental in redefining AVAware during some very difficult days. Many of the practices and procedures employed today by AVAware's customer support and catalog development teams were developed by Nelson and refined over the years. To this day, Nelson's responsibilities include overseeing these groups and ensuring that the high standards he was so instrumental in establishing continue to be maintained.

Over the course of twenty years, Nelson has largely become the public face of the company. There are very few AVAware customers that haven't had the pleasure of dealing with Nelson at some point, and experiencing his passion and dedication for themselves.

For myself, I can only say that I've been truly privileged to have Nelson as both a colleague and a friend. It's a rare luxury to have someone at your side that you can rely on and trust so completely and absolutely. Congratulations Nelson... After twenty years, "thank you" hardly seems like enough.

Paul Kirsch, President


AVAproject Tip:
Hardware Variables

Hardware product descriptions commonly contain details pertaining to the opening on which they are to be installed.

Since AVAproject is able to apply hardware groups to multiple openings and update them as opening specifications change, it's necessary to use placeholder "variables" in product descriptions that are ultimately filled in ("populated") when hardware schedules or material lists are generated. These variables allow hardware items to be listed once and then applied to an unlimited number of openings with varying specifications. Without these automatically populated variables, user would have to list separate hardware item for every variation manually.

When hardware products are selected, either on the hardware list or in the hardware groups, opening parameters are shown using variable names surrounded by braces ("{" and "}"). When a hardware schedule or material list is generated, these variables are substituted with the actual opening parameters.

The following are a few examples in which details such as nominal widths and heights, door thicknesses, handing or opening sizes need to be specified to properly order certain products. The second column shows the way in which products would appear on the hardware list and group. The third column shows how products codes appear when the variable have been populated, on reports such as the hardware schedule and the material list.


Product Code
(Hardware List)

Product Code
(Material List)

Nominal Width

LK8877 ETA US10BE {DoorWid}

LK8877 ETA US10BE 36"

Nominal Height

W-25-BA x {DoorHei}

W-25-BA x 84"

Door Thickness

8200T LR M-30-628 {Thick}

8200T LR M-30-628 1 ¾"


S210PD FLA 605 {Hand}

S210PD FLA 605 LH

Door Width, Height & Handing

1500 605 {Hand} {DoorWid} x {DoorHei} Door

1500 605 LH 36" x 72" Door

Using the Hardware Variables


Hardware variables are added where required by the AVAware catalog development team as part of the creation of AVAproject compatible electronic price books. Variables can also be used by the user as part of a hardware description, either in manually added hardware items or items in the 'User Hardware' catalog. AVAproject will populate them automatically based on the openings they are applied to during the generation of hardware and material reports.

In addition to the fundamental common parameters shown (widths, heights, handing, etc.), AVAproject also supports additional variable that can be used to conveniently shown other details in respect to a given opening. One such example is location information.

Door or opening signage is often listed along with other hardware products in the hardware groups. AVAproject provides several variables that will be populated with information from the 'Location' and 'To/From' columns of the openings schedule.

The following is a list of the available location related variables and an example of their use. When used, each variable is populated with data taken from the corresponding column of the openings schedule.


Product Code
(Hardware List)

Product Code
(Material List)


Door Sign: "{Location1}"

Door Sign: "Maintenance"

Hardware variables can be easily added to manually created product descriptions, products that appear in "User Hardware" catalogs, or to catalog products through the advanced product override feature in AVAproject.

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