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Announcing: AVAproject Multifamily Module

AVAproject Multifamily Module

Multifamily construction has become the single fastest growing segment of the architectural industry in recent years. Driven primarily by rising market prices, increased construction of multifamily housing is a trend that looks to continue well into the future.

Multifamily housing is a broad term which encompasses a variety of residences, but usually refers to a single building containing multiple units to accommodate several families - or individuals - living separately. The most common examples of multifamily projects include duplexes, townhouses, and mixed-use low- and high-rise apartments and condominiums.

Even as housing becomes increasingly unaffordable for many, large metropolitan cities remain popular destinations for employment opportunities, convenient access to public transportation, and variety of shopping and entertainment options. Multifamily housing bridges the gap between cost and demand.

From a construction perspective, constructing multiple units on a single lot offers a more lucrative solution over building a single-family dwelling on the same amount of land. Further, multifamily units are often built according to standardized plans and processes which, when used repeatedly over multiple projects, offers additional cost savings.

AVAware is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the AVAproject Multifamily Module. This optional add-on package for AVAproject provides a powerful set of tools and features specifically designed to ease and assist in the detailing, estimating and management of multifamily construction projects.

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AVAproject 2024 Now Available!

AVAproject 2024

AVAware is proud to announce the release of AVAproject for 2024. The following is a partial list of the new features available in AVAproject. A complete list can be found in the 'Release Notes', available on the AVAware website or in the software itself.

  • Additional support for the popular 'AVAproject Multifamily' optional add-on module. A collection of powerful tools and features that will revolutionize the way multifamily projects are estimated and detailed.
  • Additional options in support of 'Pre-hung' or 'Packaged' openings that consist of a frame, one or more doors, and often hardware products.
  • Brand new LIVE Material List costing and quoting ability, enhanced to automatically update source worksheets including openings groups.
  • New automated "Information" columns have been added to openings schedules and openings groups to provide additional data on individual openings
  • Additional "shortcut" features added throughout the software to accelerate the process of entering and modifying projects.

The 2024 edition of AVAproject is now available for download.

Import Assa Abloy 'Openings Studio' Files Directly into AVAproject

Openings Studio

AVAproject users can now import files created by the Assa Abloy Openings Studio specification writing software, directly into their projects

Assa Abloy owns many of the most popular and recognizable brands in the architectural hardware industry. Brands such as Sargent, Yale, Ceco, Curries, McKinney, Corbin-Russwin and so many others make up their rich product portfolio. AVAware proudly offers electronic versions of all these product price books for use with the AVAproject detailing and estimating system.

Like most major manufacturers, Assa Abloy maintains a team of specification writers in an effort to provide door and hardware specs to many of the industry's leading architects. Specifications are created using proprietary software called, "Openings Studio", which also enables Assa Abloy specification writers to provide export data for use by their distributor partners.

Over the past year, AVAware has seen growing interest among Assa Abloy distributors wanting to know if it's possible to make use of Openings Studio export files to facilitate the creation of project estimates and submittals. In response, AVAware created a comprehensive import tool that is able to read Openings Studio export files and convert them to AVAproject format in a matter of seconds!

The Openings Studio import will be a standard feature offered in AVAproject, commencing with the upcoming Autumn 2022 release. In the interim, AVAproject users in possession of Openings Studio export files can forward them to their AVAware Support representatives to have them imported and returned in an AVAproject compatible format.

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AVAproject Fusion: Real-Time Integration with ERP Systems

AVAproject Fusion

AVAproject Fusion with its API-enabled connector modules provides seamless integration with many ERP/Accounting platforms. Fusion "popups" in AVAproject offer real-time information on sales and purchase orders generated for any part of the project.

System developers have traditionally favored an "all-in-one" approach to combining front-end business systems with back-end ERP/accounting solutions. This of course comes with some very obvious limitations. Most notably, users of that front-end system are limited to a single accounting package that has been preselected for them by the developer.

AVAware has always taken the position that no single accounting package could possibly be ideal for every company. It\'s for that reason AVAproject Fusion was developed, to enable AVAproject users to integrate with the accounting system of their choice.

Proponents of the "all-in-one" approach in system design, have maintained that theirs was the only way to achieve true end-to-end process integration. AVAproject fusion has proven that this is simply not the case.

Through the use of custom designed "connector" modules, AVAproject Fusion is able to take advantage of integration APIs ("Application Programming Interface") offered by the various accounting system developers. These APIs allow the seamless exchange of information between AVAproject and the accounting/ERP package. AVAproject Fusion is able to harvest the relevant project data originating from AVAproject, and manage it through the product sourcing and staging processes. Purchase and sales orders, initiated by Fusion, are automatically created in the accounting package.

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AVAware Plugin

AVAware introduces a new tool that will revolutionize the way manufacturers, specification writers, and distributors share information with architects

In recent years, AVAware has received a growing number of inquiries from distributors wanting to streamline the way information is exchanged with the architects they work with. Project revisions and changes to specifications are regular occurrences in commercial architecture - often daily ones in the case of larger and more complex jobs.

Revit Plugin Screens

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AVAproject Fusion

AVAproject Fusion - the revolutionary data access and reporting tool and latest major software release from AVAware Technologies is now shipping!

AVAproject Fusion is the ultimate extension to the AVAproject and AVAcad product family. It combines a state-of-the-art business intelligence engine with full featured report and pivot table creation tools. What makes Fusion truly exceptional however, is the facility it offers to allow seamless integration with virtually any accounting/ERP system.

More information about AVAproject Fusion can be found on the AVAproject Fusion product page and the Fusion Theory of Operation document.

Fusion Screenshots

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Allegion SpeXtra

AVAware introduces a new tool that will revolutionize the way manufacturers, specification writers, and distributors share information with architects

AVAproject users can now import files created by Allegion's SpeXtra specification writing software, directly into their projects.

Spextra Workers

Earlier this year, AVAware was contacted by Allegion's software group; they wanted to know if it was possible to offer AVAproject users the ability to make use of SpeXtra files to facilitate the creation of project estimates and submittals. It certainly is.

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