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Advanced Access Control Features Keep Project Files Secure

Growth Projected for Construction Industry, Despite Reports of Possible Economic Downturn

AVAcad Tip: Zero-Faced Mullions

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It's All About Support!

Great software products require great customer support. The AVAware support team strives to deliver personal support that is second to none.

Anyone who has ever been faced with having to implement or maintain software in an active business environment knows just how daunting a task this can be. Software complexity has grown exponentially in an effort to keep pace with the mounting expectations placed on it. Clients and management alike have come to expect concise reports and detailed information to be available at a moment's notice. Gone are the days when one could simply "get back" to someone in a few days with an answer, or send along document revisions in a "week or two". Modern software applications have created both the means and the requirement to get things done quickly.

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Advanced Access Control Features Keep Project Files Secure

Advanced security measures built into AVAproject allow users to share project files with complete confidence.

Data security issues have become recurring headlines in both the technology press and the mainstream media of late. Data breaches and information leaks have become common fixtures in the context of a society embracing connected technology as an essential component of everyday life.

For industries such as finance and architecture, which routinely deal with sensitive and often confidential information this concern has moved to the forefront. Companies increasingly spend inordinate sums of money on network security, ensuring that project and financial data remain protected behind firewalls and encrypted servers.

For the architectural industry, the bidding process is a centerpiece of most distributors' business models. Product costing and bid prices are kept strictly confidential as a leak of this information could leave the company exposed to competitive bids based on this data.

AVAproject contains a number of power security features designed to protect project data on a "file level". This essentially means that individual files and the data they contain is protected independently of where they are stored and any network security that might be in place. This means the files can moved, stored offsite and even sent electronically - all with complete confidence.

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Growth Projected for Construction Industry, Despite Reports of Possible Economic Downturn

Despite recent reports of an impending U.S. economic downturn, industry insiders are forecasting growth in the construction sector

The eyes of economic world have been keenly focused on recent reports of an impending U.S. recession forecasted for the upcoming year. This coupled with newly imposed tariffs and the ongoing trade war with China, has caused a great deal of trepidation on the world stage.

The architectural industry can rest easy however, according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA published their annual Consensus Construction Forecast in July of this year, forecasting a growth of 3.8 in the current year for the nonresidential segment. They've further suggested next year's growth could be as much as 2.4% as compared to 2018.

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AVAcad Tip: Zero-Faced Mullions

AVAcad is a powerful and convenient drawing tool specifically created for the creation of architectural opening elevations. A central component of the AVAproject detailing and estimating system, AVAcad allows users with little or no CAD experience to create high quality elevation drawings using a palette of intelligent tools.

In addition to the countless variety of common elevations that can be created, AVAcad also provides the tools necessary for users to create many more specialized and less common elevation types.

In most openings, doors and sidelites are contained within frames composed of stick material. The size and shape of these components is determined by the frame in which they are placed.

There are however, many applications in which this is simply not the case.



Saloon Doors


Saloon doors are double acting door pairs that are cut well below the top and above the bottom of the frame that holds them. There is generally a large gap between the top of the doors and frame header - when there is a header at all.

In order to create the boundaries for the door pair in AVAcad, simply draw two horizontal sticks and set their facing to ZERO. This will create bounding lines without assigning any actual material. The door pair can then be inserted as usual.

Note: The "zero-faced" mullions also provide dimension nodes that can be used to add dimension above, below and on the doors themselves.



Pass-Through Wicket


Wicket openings often consist of three or four sided frame and a piece of glass that fills only a part of the opening. A space is usually left between the bottom of the glass and bottom of the frame in order to allow documents to be passed back and forth.

Once again, this type of opening can be created in AVAcad by drawing a stick to frame the bottom of the glass and setting its face to ZERO. When the material list for this type of elevation is generated, AVAcad determines that no glazing material is required for the bottom edge of the glass.



Transom with No Mullion


In many commercial environments, doors with overhead transoms are commonly specified in openings with no mullion dividing the two. This is most often case when using glass doors and transoms to create a continuous view between them, or with fixed panels matching a solid door beneath.

This type of elevation is created exactly as one would create a typical transom frame with a horizontal mullion. In order to retain the separation between the door and glass, without a mullion, simply set its face to ZERO.



Multi-Door Openings


Perhaps the most common application for zero-faced mullions is the multi-door opening. Entrance ways are often designed using multiple glass doors and sidelites with no mullions separating them. Door are operated using pivots and glass sidelite are affixed to the header and directly to the floor.

Once again, creating this type of opening elevation is simply a matter of drawing sticks to separate the single doors, door pairs and sidelites - them setting their facing to ZERO.

Once again, dimension nodes are provided at each separation point to facilitate dimensioning all or part of the opening width.

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