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Fusion Reports: Building on the AVAproject Material List

AVAproject Fusion Sample Reports Available Online

Assa Abloy Surcharges

AVAware Academy: Frame Profiles Part 3 - Specialty and Wood

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Catalog Updates

 U.S. Price Books:

  • Air Louvers
  • Assa
  • Best
  • Cal-Royal
  • Camden
  • Ceco
  • Corbin-Russwin
  • Detex
  • Dorma D.C.
  • Dorma E.D.
  • Dorma L.K.
  • Dynalock
  • Markar
  • McKinney
  • Meek
  • National Guard
  • Norton
  • PDQ
  • Pemko
  • Pioneer
  • Precision
  • Rixson
  • Rockwood
  • Sargent
  • Schlage
  • Select
  • SOSS
  • Stanley
  • Stanley Commercial
  • Stanley D.C.
  • Yale

 Canadian Price Books:

  • Baillargeon
  • Best
  • Camden
  • Canaropa
  • Corbin-Russwin
  • K.N. Crowder
  • Lawrence Hardware
  • Pemko
  • Rockwood
  • Sargent
  • Schlage
  • Standard Metal
  • Yale

Fusion Reports:
Building on the AVAproject Material List

Powerful and versatile reporting tools in AVAproject Fusion can extend the capabilities of AVAproject to new levels.

The AVAproject Material List is a consolidation of all the data contained in a project file. Information from division 8 openings schedules are married with that of hardware groups, miscellaneous hardware and accessories lists. All this data is assembled to create a comprehensive listing of the products required for a given project and supplemented with additional information from manufacturer catalogs, such as preps and pricing. The end product is the AVAproject Material List.

The culmination of project data can be presented in a variety of formats. Project data can be grouped and sorted by such things as manufacturer, catalog, material, product type, or even by opening. Even the level of detail shown can be selected, and of course the layout is completely customizable from a vast column library.

Despite all this flexibility, users often find the need to customize the data presentation even further - to examine their data in different and innovate ways. It's for this reason that AVAware developed AVAproject Fusion.

Fusion provides a powerful set of tools designed to empower users to manipulate and arrange their project data in an endless variety of customizable formats. From columnar reports to complex pivot tables, the opportunities for detailed reporting and data analysis are endless.

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AVAproject Fusion Sample Reports Available Online

AVAproject Fusion has become very popular amongst AVAproject users as means to integrate with their choice accounting platform, and seamlessly move data into it from AVAproject. As useful as that is, Fusion is so much more. It also delivers an array of reporting and data analysis capabilities, allowing a limitless number of project reports to be designed and created.

In order to assist users in getting acquainted with custom reports, and to provide a starting point on which to build, AVAware has added a new online resource to its website - the Fusion Sample Reports library.



A New Feature on AVAware.com


The 'Downloads' link at the top of the AVAware web page has now been replaced with menu entitled 'Resources'. This menu provides access to the old download content, now labeled 'Document Library' as well as the newly added 'AVAproject Fusion Reports'.

The new 'AVAproject Fusion Reports' item within the 'Resources' menu on the AVAware Website

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Assa Abloy Surcharges

On July 12th, 2021, nine updated Assa Abloy U.S. catalogs included an additional surcharge ranging from 3% to 15% on various product series.

The affected catalogs include:

  • Corbin-Russwin (all products)
  • Markar (select series)
  • McKinney (select series)
  • Norton (all products)
  • Pemko (select series)
  • Rixson (all products)
  • Rockwood (select series)
  • Sargent (all products)
  • Yale Commercial (all products)

The manner in which the surcharges are applied to the list prices is slightly different from other "adds" that may apply to individual products. As such, it is not presented as a typical price increase. The list prices of the various products and their related options have not changed; instead the surcharge is added to the calculated list price of each given product.

Unlike other optional charges that are generally applied to the base price of the product and then added to arrive at the list price, the surcharge applies to that final list price. The additional surcharges appear in the AVAproject 'Product Builder', showing both the calculated list price and the list price inclusive of the surcharge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the July Assa Abloy catalog updates are designed to work with the current version of AVAproject, users that have not updated their software will be unable to utilize those catalogs. They will instead receive a message indicating those catalogs cannot be "mounted" as they are designed to operate with an updated version of AVAproject.

AVAware has worked very closely with Assa Abloy to ensure a seamless transition to the new pricing model. Every effort has been made to notify users well in advance so that they may prepare for the upcoming releases.

As a final measure to ensure that all AVAproject users are made aware of the catalog and software updates, a bulletin appeared via the AVAwire Flash alert service on July 12th.

For additional information or assistance, please contact AVAware customer service.

The following is an official release from Assa Abloy, outlining the updated product pricing:


AVAware Academy:
Frame Profiles Part 3 -
Specialty and Wood

Parts 1 and 2 of this video series detailed the manner in which frame profiles were generated for three-sided frames detailed in the Openings Schedules, and for elevations frames created by AVAcad.

This video will focus on the many specialty frame options that can be detailed using AVAproject, and the many additional frame profiles offered through the various manufacturer catalogs.



Profile Templates


AVAproject generates frame profiles based on parametric data provided by a variety of sources: The Openings Schedule, AVAcad elevations and user provided values.

The software uses "profile templates" to render profile images based on these values. Profile Templates consist of two distinct components. The first is a geometric representation of the given profile with variable dimensions and rules governing the way in which renderings are transformed based on the data provided. Along with this is a software component that determines such things door and glass placement, and selections between optional components.

The result is an extremely flexible profile rendering engine that allows for a limitless variety of profile options to be added as required.



Specialty Profiles


Specialty frame profiles types often bring with them additional variables as part of their profile templates. These variables are offered as additional parameters that can be modified through the profile editor.





Shadowline profiles are an additional return bend and face surface to the standard masonry and drywall profiles.

The "Shadowline Return" and "Shadowline Face" parameters allow these values to be modified as required.





"Expandable" or "Adjustable" profiles are specialty products that can be adjusted for wall thickness at the time of installation. They consist of two separate components; one half that form a single fixed-size rabbet and a second "trim" section that can slide back and forth to accommodate the wall.

The specific configuration of this type of profile can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In this case, the trim width is selected automatically based on jamb depth, from the options offered in the manufacturer's catalog.



Thermal Break


Thermal Break profiles create "breaks" in the metal profile to prevent temperature loss through the frame itself. The "break" is automatically positioned based on the swing of the door in the opening.





Kerf profiles are similar, providing a groove on the edge of the stop to insert a gasket or weather stripping. When this profile is used, the kerf is once again situated based on the swing of the door. The gap between the door and the stop is automatically increased to accommodate the thickness of the gasket.



Hospital Profile


Hospital profiles are a specialty product used primarily in health care applications. They are single rabbet frame configurations in which the top corner of the door stop slopes to meet the face on the opposite side of the frame.

When used on jamb pairs, they eliminate the possibility of hospital gurneys from getting caught on the edge of the stop as they move through the opening.

Because of these versatile profile temples, the number of profile variations that can be rendered by AVAproject is virtually unlimited. The "generic" hollow metal catalog that comes standard with AVAproject contains a variety of them, including: Plaster returns, Hemmed and Reverse backbends, "range" profiles and many others.



Applied Trims


A popular choice of frame configuration, particularly for interior applications, is the use of three-sided frames with applied face trims. These trims come in a variety of styles and materials, providing a decorative finish to the openings.

Their basic configuration is similar to a standard hollow metal frame, with some minor differences. The inside bends and returns that are normally featured on drywall frames are omitted, allowing the frame to easily slip over drywall. It's for this reason that they're often referred to as "slip-on" frames.

The faces of these types of frames are equipped with a fastening or "clip" system that runs the length of each component.

These clips allow a separate trim piece to be secured to each face, providing a distinctive look to the opening. The trim pieces are interchangeable and offer a variety of design styles. Materials such as steel, aluminum, PVC and even wood provide distinctive trim choices for the finished opening.

AVAproject renders a cross section of the applied trim as part of the complete frame profile.



Wood Profiles


Through the use of manufacturer product catalogs and profile templates, AVAproject can render frame profiles for virtually any material. The examples shown thus far focused on typical hollow metal frames in their many configurations, but AVAproject is by no means limited to those.

The software ships with a general wood frame catalog that can be used to render a number of popular wood jamb configurations.



Applied Stop / 'T' Stop / Rabbeted


The most common is the "applied stop" or "flat" jamb. As its name implies, the jamb consist of a single piece of wood, with a narrower piece applied to it to form the stop.

As this is an applied section, the stop width is typically shown as fixed width. The standard value can be overridden simply by deselecting the "Stop Width Fixed" option in the profile editor. The stop will then be rendered given the value provided and the rabbet resized as required.

A "'T' stop" is very similar, with the jamb having a narrow routed channel to receive the T-shaped stop.

A rabbeted jamb consists of a single piece of wood that has had its rabbet routed out to receive the door. The entire jamb, including the stop, is formed by a single wood section.



Split Jamb


The split jamb is the wood equivalent of the hollow metal expandable profile. Two separate sections, are brought together to form the required jamb depth. One half that forms a single fixed-size rabbet, and a second "trim" section that can slide back and forth to accommodate the wall.

As with its hollow metal counterpart, this profile offers some additional parameters - including the width of the trim component, the insert tab and the sloped section.

The specific configuration of this type of profile can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In this case, the trim width is selected automatically based on jamb depth, from the options offered in the manufacturer's catalog.

AVAware Academy articles include accompanying training videos courtesy of the AVAware production team.

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